Hi, I’m Leanne, Studio Manager and mumma bear to my team.  I am lucky enough to be able to work in all areas of our studio. As a photographer I have so much fun planning your photo session and bringing those images to life. I also get to collaborate with my guests designing beautiful artwork for their homes to suit their style and space. When I’m not in the studio you will find me studying as I love learning new things. I am an eternal university student, studying arts and health sciences for the last 9 years with no sign of stopping anytime. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, love travelling overseas and love good food. Photography to me is all about capturing moments in time. Having watched my two boys grow into beautiful men, having loved and lost family, friends and fur babies, photography to me is everything. Just a glance at an image I am taken back to memories of toddler giggles, little arms around my neck, moments when my heart swelled with pride. These are the visual legacy you leave and it’s so important to be in them. I love photographing all genres, but my absolute favourite would have to be dancers, especially ballet dancers. I also have a soft spot for those adorable squishy newborns.

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