Hi, I’m Linda a Viva Master Photographer and Design Consultant. I love Yoga and meditation, healthy living and being in nature. I love to travel, photograph and meet new people but most important of all I love spending time with my Family (including my fur and feather babies).

I have always loved the human condition and the psychology of photography. My photos almost always include a human or animal element. I love that I help people reflect on important relationships and celebrate these. When someone is really touched by a photograph I’ve taken, I know I’ve done well and I’m deeply satisfied. Photography is also a personal journey. Other people’s lives and their situations also impact on me and my own values.  It is truly a learning experience. I love solo and couples glamour shoots. These shoots really pare it down, whether it is a single person celebrating their relationship with themselves or a couple celebrating their relationship with their significant other. For me, glamour shoots can be the most creative. You delve just a little deeper.  They are more intimate and sometimes more confronting.  It takes a little more courage from the participant (and sometimes the photographer) than a family shoot but the results can be amazing.

I love being part of the clients’ journey.  I am particularly satisfied when they love the images that I have produced. or designed.  I love that they can take them home and that those images are now on their own journey to become heirloom pieces that the generations will enjoy over and over again accumulating new layers of meaning to the family.


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