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Studio Owner
Hi, I'm Andrew the Studio Owner at Viva Rockingham. My history in the photography and film industry is a long one and started more than twenty years ago. Coming from a creative family I achieved success in my teens when I was signed to Warner Brothers as a Musical Director, which gave me a great insight to the impact of visual creativity. I spent 5 years travelling around the world and working alongside high end photography companies and some of the biggest producers in the industry. I believe it was this experience that inspired me to pick up a camera and honour peoples lives through capturing the most important moments in their journey. I was originally based in London and have now moved to Perth where I joined the photography team at Viva in 2015 I proudly took ownership of the Rockingham Studio. With a great team of studio photographers to support me, I can now focus on my passion for wedding photography and location shoots. I am very lucky to work with such a team of highly experienced professionals in the industry. Anyone can pick up a camera but to be able to capture the atmosphere, emotions and feel of each person takes something special and natural from a photographer.  


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